Result 2: Youth Worker Toolkit Towards Youth Engagement In Rural Areas

“Reactive Youth – Toolkit For Youth Workers” is a manual with materials adapted to the needs of youth workers and educators working on rural areas based on non-formal methods with the aim to increase the quality of the youth services on those regions. Specifically, it will be based on a transnational training of youth professionals and consecutively on local workshops that are focused on the awareness raising among youth about the added value of their areas towards leisure time, tourism, and cultural activities (especially related to environmental protection and promotion) that will at the same time build on them a common identity related to the belonging of each territory.

Main Results:

  1. Enhanced Youth Structures: Youth structures will be improved in rural areas through capacity-building and modernization of organizations via cooperation, networking, innovative methods, and synergies at local and EU levels.
  2. Tailor-Made Training: Youth professionals will receive tailor-made training on youth engagement in rural areas, resulting in a transnational activity and the creation of a Youth Worker Toolkit.
  3. Development of Materials: Materials adapted to the needs of youth workers and educators working in rural areas will be developed based on non-formal methods, increasing the quality of youth services and professional alternatives.
  4. Enhanced Civic Participation: Local and civic participation of youth in developing alternatives for their communities will be improved, along with the reinforcement of entrepreneurship through partner guidance and training.
  5. Youth as Change Makers: Youth will be recognized as change-makers within local communities, leading to open spaces for discussion between youth, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and Local Authorities (LAs) to strategize rural area development.
  6. Youth Awareness: Youth will become more aware of the value of their areas in terms of leisure, tourism, and cultural activities, particularly related to environmental protection, fostering a sense of common identity and belonging.

The Toolkit For Youth Workers outlines a comprehensive approach to youth empowerment and capacity-building in rural areas, aiming to professionalize youth work while promoting active youth participation and sustainable rural development. The toolkitv seeks to promote active youth participation, innovation, and creativity in the youth sector, fostering a sense of citizenship and belonging at local, regional, and EU levels.