Result 1:Policy Brief towards Rural Areas Development & Sustainability through Youth Participation

“Reactive Youth – Promoting Policies and Youth Dialogue” is a comprehensive guide addressing the needs of young people through inclusive policies and dialogue. The policy brief identifies key themes:

  • youth empowerment,
  • participatory decision-making, and
  • collaboration between local authorities and civil society.

Examining various territories in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and Austria, it explores challenges like limited youth representation, unemployment, and population decline. Field research utilized surveys and desk research, revealing limited youth involvement, communication gaps, and lack of resources for youth initiatives.

Result 2: Youth Worker Toolkit Towards Youth Engagement In Rural Areas

“Reactive Youth – Toolkit For Youth Workers” is a manual with materials adapted to the needs of youth workers and educators working on rural areas based on non-formal methods with the aim to increase the quality of the youth services on those regions. Specifically, it will be based on a transnational training of youth professionals and consecutively on local workshops that are focused on the awareness raising among youth about the added value of their areas towards leisure time, tourism, and cultural activities (especially related to environmental protection and promotion) that will at the same time build on them a common identity related to the belonging of each territory.

Result 3: Identity Maps

The third significant result of our project revolves around the creation of Identity Maps, a dynamic initiative aimed at involving young individuals in our partner rural areas. These maps serve multiple purposes, primarily to promote youth engagement, entrepreneurship, and digital skills. By actively engaging in the creation of these maps, young people have the opportunity to foster their creativity and share their ideas, contributing to the dissemination of project activities and other work packages.